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2015 Youth Scholarship

   The EAA106 Youth Scholarship was established in 2012
   to send a few New England youth who have demonstrated a
   true passion for aviation to an amazing 1-wk aviation camp!

Do you have
Do you  Live in NEW ENGLAND? (MA, NH, RI, CT, VT, ME)
Will you be AGE 16-18  during JULY 14-22, 2015?  (or within 2-3 weeks?)
OR  Will you be AGE 16-19  during AUG 3-9, 2015?        (or within 2-3 weeks?)
* NOTE:   ACTIONS, not just dreams ...     
When we say we're looking for a DEMONSTRATED AVIATION PASSION, we want to know what ACTION an applicant has taken about their professed passion, not just dreams.

Announcing the 
   to expand the aviation knowledge of a few aviation-passionate
   New England youth through a total immersion aviation camp experience.


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EAA106's 2015 Scholarship FLYER:

          2015 Scholarship PRESS RELEASE  (soon)

          The TWO Phases of our selection 

          The $$ -  What our scholarship covers   

          Prior Winners -- See why they won

          The DEADLINES / SCHEDULE             

          DONATIONS impact # youth we can send
          Adult? If you can help:    DONATIONS    

          2015 PHASE 1   APPLICATION     < apply 


    You'll be asked in the Phase 1 application about your camp preference (if possible):  
             Click to learn more:
          CAMP 1 -- 
 EAA Advanced Air Academy 
          CAMP 2 --  EAA Advanced SportAir Academy 

      QUESTIONS? Send an e-mail to: EAA106.YoungEagles AT gmail dot com


EAA106 Youth Scholarship - TWO PHASES:

Our scholarship application process will be in two rounds:
            First round - A round to narrow the list to just the most aviation-passionate youth.
            Final round - Selecting amount those, utilizing some additional essays. 

PHASE 1 -- 
70% of the score will cover what action you have taken in pursuit of your passion for aviation.  Any statements (whether in the clickable list of actions and/or Essay #2) may require additional supporting documentation if requested.  We suggest you expand upon any items clicked in Section 3 as part of your Section 4 Essay number 2.
There are three essays focused on 1) HOW interest in aviation started, 2) what ACTIONS have been taken in pursuit of that passion, and 3) WHY you want to attend and why we should select you.
      2015 PHASE 1  APPLICATION      < click to apply

PHASE 2 -- 
For the finalists, the following will likely be required (This is a DRAFT -- we're in planning now):
     A)  Submit (to EAA) an application for the EAA scholarship (called a "campership")
          AND an application to the EAA camp
     B)  Submit (to EAA106) two more essays (one focused on aviation goals (career or personal),
                  and one focused on top academic achievements and extracurricular activities)
     C)  Submit (to EAA106) GPA info -- with a grades transcript
     D)  Submit (to EAA106) a letter of recommendation (from an adult who is not a family member).

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What our EAA106 Scholarship Covers:

EAA106's Youth Scholarship winner(s) win:
1)  The balance of the EAA Advanced Air Academy tuition (up to $1,320)
         -- whatever is not covered by the EAA "Campership (EAA scholarship)
         (youth/parents MUST apply to EAA for a campership if selected as a finalist)
2)  The cost of the airfare (from a major airport in New England)
         and the fee for one bag!

NOTE:  Our Youth Scholarship donations and 2015 budget (approval expected early Jan 2015),
            along with the quality of applicants, will determine whether we will be
            able to award 1 or 2 scholarships to the EAA Advanced Air Academy
            and/or 1-2 scholarships to the EAA Advanced SportAir Academy..

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  For annotated calendar view: CLICK HERE   

    JAN. 25, 2015 -- Phase 1 on-line application deadline
    FEB 8, 2015    -- Phase 1 selection & results notification to all applicants

PHASE 2 --  Only for finalists from Phase 1
    FEB 19, 2015 -- Submit Phase 2 on-line form to EAA106
    FEB.21, 2015 -- Submit additional documentation by snailmail (Sat, Feb.21 is postmark date):  
                              GPA with copy of grades, Letter of Recommendation, & Parental Consent
                              February 21 is the POSTMARK deadline. 

    FEB.28, 2015 -- EAA106 winner(s) announced, but the amount of our award is dependent on
                               how much, if any, our EAA106 winners win from EAA towards tuition
                               (but EAA does not
 announce that until ~ MAR.15).  EAA106's scholarship
                               will cover any amount not covered by an EAA "Campership", provided
                               that the applicant has applied for a "Campership" by EAA's deadline.

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DONATIONS impact how many youth we can send

For each youth sent to Oshkosh to attend this amazing aviation camp, the following represents the estimated cost to our chapter:
Camp Tuition  -- up to $ 1,320     (this includes education/workshops/flights, lodging/food,
                                                                  and EAA shuttle to/from the Appleton, WI airport)
      AirFare (est)   -- up to $    650     (estimate for flight only from a major New England airport
                                                                  and based on max cost of one scholarship flight in 2014)
      1st bag fee     -- est    $      50     (based on 2014 bag fee cost) 
                              up to $ 2,020

IF we can raise enough through  YOUTH FUND DONATIONS   
and CHAPTER 106 FUNDS, we'd like to be able to send FOUR youth in 2015.

Are you an ADULT reading this ?  
If so, we welcome your tax-deductible $UPPORT to help inspire these youth!

We are an IRS designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity and if you itemize your taxes, your donation may be deductible -- ask your CPA.


A small portion of our cost is offset by youth "credits" earned by our wonderful Young Eagle pilots
(In addition to flying and inspiring youth throughout the year, they earn the chapter $5 in EAA youth credits per youth flown when an EAA pilot has flown at at least 10 Young Eagles in a calendar year)

Another portion is offset by any EAA "Campership" awarded by EAA to one or more of our selected winners (Our applicants MUST apply for an EAA "Campership" to hopefully reduce the amount our local chapter needs to cover for our winners -- The more our winners can get in "Camperships" from EAA, the more youth we can send to camp from our donations and chapter funds.

NOTE:  Our Youth Scholarship donations and 2015 budget (approval expected early Jan 2015),
            along with the quality of applicants, will determine whether we will be
            able to award 1, 2, 3 or 4 scholarships this year.

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placeholder text  ... 

THE FOLLOWING IS A DRAFT ... MAY APPLY ... (as soon as we hear from EAA regarding their deadlines, we will update our above chapter's scholarship deadlines)
    FEB   1, 2015 --  You must apply for EAA's scholarship (tuition only)
                               AND submit "official" EAA Air Academy camp application (send to EAA)
                               NOTE regarding the $200 EAA application-required deposit
                                         EAA Chapter 106 has already paid the $200 deposit for our camp slots.
                                         We will notify EAA of the names of our finalists and ask that they not
                                         charge your credit card, even though the EAA application requires that.     

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