Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England

2016 EAA106 Membership Application

THANK YOU for joining and supporting EAA106 !   Please fill out the below application.

We love to welcome new members! You are joining `200 members from MA (82%), NH (15%), RI, CT, ME, and even beyond New England (PA, GA, FL, NM, CA)!

Members include aircraft owners, builders, and dreamers -- including pilots, student pilots, aviation mechanics, military aviation veterans, and aviation enthusiasts!

~1/3 of our members have built, bought or are building homebuilt aircraft
~1/3 of our members fly certified aircraft – for fun or for a living
~1/3 of our members are aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, former pilots, veterans, etc.

The first part of the application is the required info (contact, EAA #, etc) but we hope you will also share info in the optional section about aircraft, aviation, interest, etc.

The easiest way to send dues is to pay on-line, so after you have submitted this form (the form will disappear if successfully sent - if no, then check for missed question), please go back to the JOIN page and pay at the bottom of the page. 

New member dues are prorated at $5/quarter for the remaining number of quarters -- eg: If joining in April, dues for the rest of the year are $15.  All dues thereafter are Jan1-Dec31.

EAA membership, too -- You must also be (or become) a member of EAA, our parent organization and the leader in recreational aviation. To join EAA, please CALL them at 1-800-JOIN-EAA and ASK THEM to give you your EAA # and expiration date right then on the phone. If you join EAA after submitting this form, please e-mail your EAA # & expiration date to: within the next week. Thanks!

Hints for Homebilders videos at