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2017 NorthEast Experimental Fly-In -- LOCATION INFO

WHERE:    EAA Chapter 106 hangars area 
                             North Ramp of LWM 
(Lawrence Muni Airport)


EAA106 hangar area at NORTH END of the Lawrence Municipal Airport

       Homebuilt aircraft:     Taxi to Delta/Echo junction
                                                               We will be using 123.45 for our ground volunteers
                                                               parking you in front of the WHITE hangars
                                                               (on the left as you taxi up Delta).
                                                               Look for white NOSE DOTS on the pavement.

                         Production aircraft:
    Please park yourself on the No. Ramp next to Echo
                                                               Look for CHALK CIRCLES around space numbers
                                                               which are available to use during our event.

IF DRIVING:     You are looking for:   GATE 4 (there are several gates, so note #)
                         Drive  near  400 Holt Rd, N.Andover, MA     (Gate 4 has no "address")
                         Turn RIGHT at STOP SIGN (CLARK ST) -- then look for PanAm sign on pole.
                         GATE 4 will be on LEFT.

                         Gate manned 9-10:30am – Ideally, please arrive during that time window,
                         but if late, please call # posted on yellow post by gate 4 and someone will
                         drive down to escort you in.


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