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A young man, Tevor Simoneau, at the age of 11, founded Chart it All after his Young Eagles flight as a method to finance his education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is now 14 and an honors student at DeLand High School. His products are based on sectionals - on t-shirts, aprons, etc.  Your purchase goes a long way to fuel Trevor's aviation dreams!

                                     ORDER INFO & FORM BELOW 

We plan to order some aprons with the words:   EAA   and   Chapter 106   (below the EAA).
Here is an apron example   
(obviously with a different airport and chapter number):

Trevor is giving chapters a special price for this order, so as a small fundraiser for EAA Chapter 106 to help us offset the cost of buying a few chapter aprons for our chefs to use at our events, we are offering the same price you would pay on Trevor's normal website order ($25 per apron) -- So you'll help both Trevor and EAA Chapter 106 by ordering an apron.
NOTE:  You save on the normal shipping cost because Trevor will normally charge shipping, but we're picking up our order in Oshkosh and will have your order available for pickup at chapter meetings & events.  But ... Trevor needs our order in by June 11 so that he can get them made in time for our pickup in 6 weeks.   

NEW OPTION:   PICK YOUR AIRPORT (for sectional center) !!

We now have the option of making our EAA Chapter 106 aprons with CUSTOM sectionals, so if you would like the sectional on YOUR apron to be LWM, ASH, GHG, FIT, or some other airport, just be sure to specify it on the order form below:

          For us to get this overall chapter order in to Trevor by 7pm,
          our cutoff for orders extended to:    JUNE 13 at 6 PM.

To ORDER & PAY NOW  >>       

    Sorry .. The sale through EAA Chapter 106 is over ...  But if you would like to order sectional merchandise directly from Trevor, here is his web link:

Be sure to include your NAME (above) so we know who ordered the apron(s)
AND the airport code for centering the sectional.

You do **NOT** need a PayPal account --- Just look below the PayPal login option ... below the word:  OR ... and click the grayish button which says:     Pay with Debit or Credit Card  

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