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2018 EAA106 Youth Scholarship - APPLY BY FEB 4

2018 FLYER:  (click image)   

The EAA106 Youth Scholarship was established in 2012
   to send a few New England youth who have demonstrated a
   true passion for aviation to an amazing 1-wk aviation camp in Wisconsin!

Do you have
Do you  Live in NEW ENGLAND? (MA, NH, RI, CT, VT, ME)
Will you be AGE 16-18  during JULY 17-25, 2018?  (or within 2-3 weeks?)

* NOTE:   ACTIONS, not just dreams ...     
When we say we're looking for a DEMONSTRATED AVIATION PASSION, we want to know what ACTIONS an applicant has taken about their professed passion, not just dreams. To that end, we are seeking youth who are so passionate about aviation that you not only are taking flight lessons, but are working to pay for some or all of the cost of your flight lessons.

Announcing the 
to expand the aviation knowledge of a few aviation-passionate New England youth through a total immersion aviation camp experience.

The 8-day camp includes:
    -- Lodging and meals
    -- Flight Training Ground School
    -- Aircraft Construction, Restoration and Maintenance Skills
    -- Airplanes - Learn about aviation history and flight
    -- See some of the World's Largest Aviation event: 

The EAA106 Youth Scholarship not only pays 100% of the camp's TUITION, but also the FLIGHT* between any major New England Airport to Appleton, WI, plus $50 towards the baggage fee.

Note 1: The camp handles the transfer between Appleton airport and the camp on the start and end dates of the camp.
*Note 2:  If the winner wants a later return date (to stay at AirVenture longer after the camp), they will need: a) written parental permission if under 18, b) to make their own arrangements on where to stay after the camp, and c) their parent will pay Chapter EAA106 the difference in flight cost (later date flights during AirVenture always cost more).  EAA Chapter 106 will only pay the cost of a flight on the camp dates.

To learn more about the EAA ADVANCED AIR ACADEMY, go to: 

#1 - Applicants MUST be earning some of their own flight training money.
#2 - Applicants must be age 16-18 at the end of JULY (or w/i a couple weeks)
#3 - Applicants must live in New England
#4 - Applicants must have terrific answers to our essay questions & other info
#5 - Applicants must be able to make the camp dates of July 17-25, 2018

      Decision announced on Phase 1:     SUNDAY, FEB 15
      PHASE 2 APPLICATION DUE:           SUNDAY, FEB 22   (only for Phase 1 Finalists) 
      Decision announced on Phase 2:     SUNDAY, FEB 28

      For the winner (or winners), there will be addition required steps and paperwork, including a requirement to formalize the process by applying to the camp (we'll have already sent them the winner(s) name(s)) - - as well as a requirement to apply for an EAA "CAMPERSHIP".

APPLY NOW for the EAA106 Youth Scholarship!

2018 PHASE 1
  APPLICATION      < click to apply


DONATIONS impact how many youth we can send

ADULTS ...   
We are a public charity - Can you help?

For each youth sent to Oshkosh to attend this amazing aviation camp, the following represents the estimated cost to our chapter:
Camp Tuition  -- up to $ 1,528     (includes education/workshops/flights, lodging/food,
                                                                  and EAA shuttle to/from the Appleton, WI airport)
      AirFare (est)   -- up to $    650     (estimate for flight from a major New England airport
                                                                  & based on max cost of a previous scholarship flight)
      1st bag fee     -- est    $      50     (based on 2016 bag fee cost) 
                              up to $ 2,228

IF we can raise enough through  YOUTH FUND DONATIONS   
and CHAPTER 106 FUNDS, we'd like to be able to send up to 4 youth in 2018.

Are you an ADULT reading this ?  
If so, we welcome your tax-deductible $UPPORT to help inspire these youth!

We are an IRS designated 501(c)(3) Public Charity and if you itemize your taxes, your donation may be deductible -- ask your CPA.  


A small portion of our cost is offset by youth "credits" earned by our wonderful Young Eagle pilots
(In addition to flying and inspiring youth throughout the year, they earn the chapter $5 in EAA youth credits per youth flown when an EAA pilot has flown at at least 10 Young Eagles in a calendar year)

Another portion is offset by any EAA "Campership" awarded by EAA to one or more of our selected winners (Our applicants MUST apply for an EAA "Campership" to hopefully reduce the amount our local chapter needs to cover for our winners -- The more our winners can get in "Camperships" from EAA, the more youth we can send to camp from our donations and chapter funds.

NOTE:  Our Youth Scholarship donations and 2018 budget,
            along with the quality of applicants, will determine whether we will be
            able to award 1, 2, 3, or 4 scholarships this year.

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