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FAA Youth Expo at BOS - Participant INFO

For those participating, here is some info from prior years:

CLICK the below PDF IMAGE for a 7-page document with lots of photos and information:
    Page 1 -- Lots of kids line up to talk with our pilots and sit in their planes
    Page 2 -- Looking for that seeming tiny 33R (looks like a taxiway compared to 4 & 22)  
    Page 3 -- After landing ... Fixed Wings ...  and pix of the ramp with aircraft at the expo
    Page 4 -- Just for our helicopter pilots -- helpful info from prior helo pilots to this event
    Page 5 -- It will be VERY COLD -- Wear a HEAVY COAT, HAT & GLOVES !!
    Page 6 -- Did I mention it will be COLD? -- Pix of exhibitors (gloves or hands in pockets)
    Page 7 -- 2015 Exhibitors list - and a picture from the DC-10 looking down on the tables
    < scroll through the 7 pages    

CLICK the below PDF IMAGE for exhibitor directions (from the FAA)

CLICK the below PDF IMAGE for exhibitor CAR PARKING directions - and a rough map

    THANKS !!

      CLICK HERE for newsletter pix of EAA106 at 2011 FAA Youth Expo at BOS

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