Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England

2015 EA106 Hosting of EAA's B-17 - VOLUNTEER SIGNUP

The 2018 VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP will be up soon -- Below is the OLD (2015) template, so do NOT use until we update for 2018 -- and this message will be deleted.

  We need to know in advance how many volunteers we can count on - for every shift and every day of MAY 21-25, 2015 - to make sure we will have coverage.

  Commit below to be a VOLUNTEER (barring some unexpected business trip or illness).  

If you can block out some time on your calendar, PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW - THANKS !

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If the form is still on the screen after you hit submit, you missed a question.

To sign up another member of your family, please refresh this webpage.

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