Chapter 106

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SAT, MAY 6 - Amazing Canadian Aviation History


The above and below questions will be just a few of the many things you'll be amazed to learn Saturday ...

■   What was Dr. Alexander Graham Bell's connection with aviation in 1907-1909?

■   In what year did a Canadian engineer become the first to scientifically test airfoils and wing angles in North America?  By 1907 he had published a treatise which included his development of the dihedral wing design which is used extensively today.

■   How do you position a canoe on a float plane which is pointed on the bow but has a flat transom on the stern? Should the bow face forward or the flat stern face forward or does it not matter -- and WHY?

■   How were fighter aircraft ferried to Canada from the USA when the USA was being an isolationist nation in the early years of WWII? During this time it was illegal to send war supplies to Canada.

■   What well-known electronics company started in 1912 as an aircraft company?

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9:30-9:45           Setup - We'll turn on the heat!
9:45-10:00         Social gathering and coffee
10:00-10:30       Updates on Hangar 135 and club activities
                              including tour of hangar 135 workshop restoration
10:30-11:30        Presentation on Amazing Canadian
                              Aviation History – from the Royal Canadian
                              Aviation Museum of Western Canada
                              By:  Penny Bowman
11:00-11:30        Q&A and Socialization
                              while the grill is fired up
11:30-12:30        LUNCH - Burgers &/or Hot Dogs (


EAA106 Hangars – REAR of LWM (we’re on the NorthEast side of LWM)

FLY:  Taxi up ECHO, park in front of old white hangar (if room) or on North Ramp

DRIVE:  400 HOLT RD, No. ANDOVER gets you close, then look for GATE 4.Call # taped to yellow post for escort in.

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