Chapter 106

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Friday eve, SEPT 8 - Aeromedical Issues

  AeroMedical Issues 

Joseph Ray, MD(new) New England Regional Flight Surgeon

Current Aero Medical Safety Issues:  
Ø    Impairing medications
Ø    Unfortunate accidents
Ø    FAA 3rd class/Basic Med 

    - Bring your questions 

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About our SPEAKER:             
Joseph Ray, MD, (new) England Regional Flight Surgeon.  Dr. Ray finished medical school on a United States Air Force Health Professions Scholarship program and then practiced at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, Fla., on active duty. Following a lengthy period in private practice, he became an aviation medical examiner in the New England area in 2007. He joined the New England Region as the Deputy Regional Flight Surgeon in 2009 and is residency trained in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.



6:30-7:00  QUICK MTG – Roof repair $ budget request & Nominations open *

7:00-8:00  PROGRAM – Dr. Ray - with Q&A

         * EAA106 Members: reminder: QUICK meeting at 6:30 - see separate mail with three attachments sent to you on August 23 from with the following subject:  "EAA106 Members - Sept 8 - $5K budget request for roof repair, & Nominations"

BRING:  A friend, a fellow pilot, or a prospective member.

LOCATION: Our Classroom/workshop at LWM
(side room of hangar 135 - one of our two hangars on the north end of Delta at LWM)

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There is a PDF explaining how to get to find our hangars behind GATE 4 which is NEAR 400 Holt Rd, North Andover, MA.    There is no exact address for the gate.

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