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2018 - September 7 - Share Your Stories Building/Flying

FRI EVE, SEPT 7, 2018
  –   EAA106 PROGRAM       
EAA106 Hangars (LWM)

Meeting Description - September 2018

Share your Stories - Building / Flying 

Have you ever had a day flying where everything just worked out and you thought, “That was the best day ever!”  Or had a time when you felt like kissing the ground thinking, “I’ll never do that again!” How about, “This will be a quick, 10 minute change and 3 hours later you have taken out ½ the things you installed last week because it didn’t work the way you thought?  On September 7th come share with our group your triumphs, disappointments, lessons learned and best experiences. Bring pictures if you have them. Either electronic or even good old paper photos. Depending on how many people are willing to share, you’ll have around 10 minutes to tell your tale.  A microphone will be available so you don’t have to shout and the screen will be setup to help make your point. Contact Keith Young with any questions at

6:00 – 6:30      FOOD (for a $5 donation) & CAMARADERIE
6:30 – 7:00      EAA106 MEETING, including NOMINATIONS & B-17 BUDGET

BRING:             A friend, a fellow pilot, or a prospective member.

WHERE:          EAA106 Classroom
                        GATE 4 – Near 400 Holt Rd, N. Andover. RIGHT at STOP, Gate 4 is on the LEFT                            MAP LINK & where to park: 


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