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2019 Youth Scholarship - APPLICATION - PHASE 1

While many love aviation, we are looking for only a few of the most aviation-passionate youth. Demonstrated actions (such as earning some or all of your own flight training money) in pursuit of your passion for aviation will be a major consideration of our evaluation.

     2019 EAA106 Youth Scholarship
     Below is the PHASE 1 APPLICATION
          Our scholarship for 2019 will be in two rounds:
          PHASE 1 – A round to narrow the list to only the most aviation-passionate youth.
          PHASE 2 – A second round (with additional essays) to select our final winners.

     Midnight THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019 
          Notification of Phase 1 results:        THURSDAY, FEB. 14, 2018

Only the finalists from Phase 1 will move on to Phase 2

2019 Application Form - PHASE 1

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