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Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England



CHARTER from EAA                   -- June 1, 1961  


FORMATION of CORPORATION -- Mar 28, 1967   

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EAA106's EARLY HISTORY ... A message from Bob MacDonald

Recollections from Bob MacDonald; One of the Founding members of EAA106

My earliest recollection is meeting at Carl Anderson's house in Medford where most of us got acquainted for the first time. Carl had just returned from one of his voyages and had lots of new tools to show off. We were all impressed.

I'm not sure how I got to be elected president, but I soon found my main problem was what to do for a program for each meeting. We did all the obvious things, like meeting at people's houses who had projects going, but there were only a few of those. One program consisted of a showing of glass slides from the '20s of the cockpit of a Curtiss Robin. I had found them in the archives of the MIT Aeronautical Library.

It seemed to me at that time that people were not getting the full benefit of EAA membership because so few of them were in a position to have a building project. So in my second term, I made it a goal to get a chapter project going. We selected a Jodel 11, an all-wood design as I had a wooden Emeraude project and had found it pretty easy to make. We would work Saturday mornings and progress was pretty slow, but I understand that the plane was eventually finished after I had left the area in 1972. I'd appreciate any info you could give me on the history of this project, and the impact, if any, on the chapter.

One recollection I have is the discussions we had about the desirability of splitting the Chapter in two since it took in a lot of area and people were having to drive long distances to attend meetings. The idea was dropped when it was realized that one of the new chapters wouldn't have Jack Denison. This is a true story.

I had put aside my Emeraude project to start an original design which became the MacDonald S-20, completed in 1972. (There's an article in the February 1973 issue of Sport Aviation for the curious.) Also at this time, I had decided to join my father's building construction business in California, so we left the Boston area.

To bring you all up to date on my activities since 1972, I will report the following: By 1975, I was building under my own Contractor's licence in the San Francisco Bay area but in 1980 decided that I wanted to go back to aeronautical engineering which would be more stimulating. I was fortunate to find LearFan in nearby Reno. This was a small company founded by Bill Lear that was building a composite propjet. Being a small company, they were willing to hire someone who had been out of the industry for 8 years, and I think that it helped that I arrived for my job interview in the S-20. I became Chief Aerodynamicist there.

When LearFan failed in 1985, we moved to Los Angeles where I worked at Northrop on the B-2's flight control system. This program eventually wound down with little interesting work remaining, so I found Gulfstream in Savannah where the new GV airplane was being begun in 1992. By this time, Mary and I were "empty nesters" as Andy and Bob (the AB in N106AB) had completed school (MIT and Tufts respectively) and were well started on their careers (in Seattle and Los Angeles, again respectively). I retired from Gulfstream as a flight test engineer in 1999 and enrolled at the local art school, the Savannah College of Art and Design where I received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting in 2002. My interest is portraits - you can check out my work at Please give my very best to your members. I'm really pleased to learn that the Chapter has survived and prospered over the years.

Bob MacDonald


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