Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England


ORDER t-shirts, polos, caps and hats -- PICK UP ONLY - NO SHIPPING !

1) The most assured way to hold your shirt for PICKUP when you order it is to pay with a credit card. Since we are a public charity and it costs us a little bit to collect your money, we have a slight fee (our cost). An INVOICE with a payment LINK will be e-mailed (from to you for paying.
2) By snailmailed check -- BUT, your order will not be pulled from inventory until we have RECEIVED your check - by THURDAY (June 20). BEFORE MAILING YOUR CHECK, wait for e-mail confirmation that we still have the size/color you want in inventory. If you check arrives after Thursday, we cannot be sure of our inventory and your check may need to be picked up instead of the merchandise.
3) We will hold orders BY MEMBERS who want to pay by cash or check brought to the Tri-Motor event by Friday noon (6/21). After that, everything goes back into inventory for sale at the event. (Sorry -- We can't risk holding an item which could have been sold at the event and then the held item is never paid for).

 After you hit SUBMIT ...  Is the above BLANK or is the FORM STILL THERE??
 If the form goes BLANK ... scroll up to see if there is a "success" message
 If the form is still above, you missed a REQUIRED answer - scroll up, find red box, fix & submit 

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