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We welcome DONATIONS for both our GENERAL FUND (for programs, etc)
as well as our YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND!  
Our our only other funding is chapter dues & occasional fundraising.

NOTE:  Our EAA Chapter 106 is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) Public Charity and all donations should be tax deductible if you itemize (check with your tax professional).
Our EIN #:  11-378175  
IRS Letter of designation as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity - PDF:    

Please specify whether your donation is to be designated for the General Fund (supports programs and more) or our new Youth Fund .  Each of the past few years we have sent aviation-passionate, very deserving, hard-working youth to the EAA Advanced Air Academy (in 2012: one youth, in 2013: two youth, in 2014: three youth).  For our 2015 Youth Scholarship, we hope to raise enough funds to send FOUR aviation-passionate youth to Oshkosh, but the biggest chunk of the funds come through generous donations by EAA106 members, family and friends. 
    Here is info on the EAA Advanced Air Academy:  
    and a new camp, related camp:  Advanced Air Academy SportAir Camp

Be sure to give us both of your ADDRESSES (e-mail and snail-mail). 
For any amounts over $25, we will e-mail AND snail-mail a formal letter of acknowledgement.
For any amounts under $25, we will e-mail a receipt as our thanks.
The IRS requires a written acknowledgement for $250 & up, but we like to send thanks for any amount !

Whether by check or PayPal, we appreciate ANY level of contribution !

TO DONATE to our GENERAL FUND (Programs, etc):

Just to be sure it's clear, please include a message that your donation is for our General Fund


Just to be sure it's clear, please include a message that your donation is for our Youth Scholarship Fund


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