Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England

EAA106 Members at AirVenture, OSHKOSH, WI

2019 EAA106 at AirVenture, OSHKOSH, WI

ONLY fill out the BELOW FORM if you ...
                 a) plan to go to AirVenture this year (2019)
    --OR--   b) would still like to go this year if you can find arrangements

The results will be shared (as a PDF spreadsheet e-mail with those who sign up) so that ....
          a) You have each other’s contact info while at AirVenture
          b) One or more informal EAA106 dinner gatherings can be arranged
          c) You can contact each other one-on-one about offers & requests
NON-Members: You may fill out the form to have your info shared with EAA106 members going to Oshkosh. But unless the EAA106 members have checked YES for sharing their info with non-members going, there may only be a limited list to non-members (names & dates) and any coordination about dinner gatherings will be arranged separately, on a one-on-one basis.

Some questions REQUIRE an answer and some are OPTIONAL.
Be sure to hit SUBMIT at the end.
Once you hit SUBMIT, IF the form is still on the screen, we do NOT have your response.


Once you hit SUBMIT, IF the form is still on the screen, we do NOT have your response – you missed a required question , so scroll up, fix the question(s) with the red box(es) and hit SUBMIT again.  IF successful, form will disappear and you can scroll up through the blank area to see the success message.

Once you receive an e-mail with the results of this form (with your and your fellow members’ info), please PRINT A COPY TO TAKE TO OSHKOSH ...  If you forgot to bring a copy with you and need to contact another member at AirVenture, contact Pres Penny

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