Chapter 106

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EAA106 Exec Board

The EAA Chapter 106 Executive Board consists of 8 members:
    4 Officers                           -- President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
    2 Hangar Management           -- Hangar Manager, Hangar Comptroller
    2 Presidential Appointments   -- Two members - appointments which can be renewed

We have a few members who regularly come to our Board meetings and participate in the discussion. We call this unofficial, non-voting role: "Board Advisor".  If a member has an interest in this, the best step is to start coming to Board meetings and participating in the discussions.

Our monthly Exec Board Meeting is held at a restaurant (changes each month) where we eat dinner (Dutch treat) and discuss the agenda items.  

The meeting is open to anyone, but we need to know ahead of time (contact Pres Penny) so that:
1) We can try to get a bigger table, but there is no guarantee that we'll be able to get a big enough table that everyone can sit with the Board.
2) We need to be able to send you the specific location and time information.

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