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GONE WEST -- Members & Friends of EAA106

On this page, we honor our former members & friends who have passed away.

          IF you have an information you want to share here about a member - or a special friend of
          EAA106 - who has passed away,
 please send it to:   EAA106.President  AT
          SEND ADDITIONS and CORRECTIONS to any info you see here to above e-mail address.

Examples of info we'll post on this page (or sub-pages for each name):
   Stories  -- Send a favorite story/memory or experience with the member
   Photos -- Send us photos of the member, at a chapter event, &/or that member's aircraft
   Obit   -- Send us a link to an official obituary

Alphabetical list of EAA106 members and former members who have passed away:
All were members of EAA106, unless specified as "a friend of EAA106"
NAMES in BROWN shows all the info we have so far - and may display an OBIT link
NAMES in BLUE are clickable - link to a page dedicated to that member for photos, stories, etc

ALLEN, ARTHUR -  8/2/2010 - Arthur was not only a friend of EAA106 and supporter of our events, but also served as Chairman of the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission. Arthur was the most vocal and most well-connected GA evangelist in Massachusetts, fighting for airport money, helping to get the proposed aviation tax squashed, etc.

CANNER, ED -  8/3/2008 - EAA106 member and B-24 pilot during WWII

DOWNING, STU -  2/3/2007 - EAA106 member and Pilot 

ENGVALL, JON -  10/6/2009  - Pilot and Former EAA106 President

Jon asked his wife, Charlotte, that when he passed away,
                  he wanted $20,000 to be donated to EAA Chapter 106.
  That $20,000 helped pay off the last of the hangar loans!

FAULKE, CHARLIE -  12/20/2010 - EAA106 member, pilot & leader in another chapter

GRONEMEYER, BILL -  9/17/2012 - Former member & pilot of gyros 

HOLMES, ERNIE -  4/28/2013 - Former EAA106 member, pilot and builder of
                                                                          several aircraft, including a G4, Osprey, & Zenith 
                                                                          750.  Ernie's workmanship was exemplary !

MESSINA, VINNIE -  12/27/09 - Vinnie was not only our oldest member (in his 90's),
                but attended almost every meeting who was always
      finding items to donate to EAA106, but many will
    remember his great Boston scrod at every party!

MILLER, KEN -  3/6/2012  - EAA106 member, pilot (last was his C-170) and
  frequent volunteer at our events 

NAIMAN, JORIS -  4/9/2013  - EAA106 member, pilot (Helicopters and his
    Cherokee 140), CFI, and Young Eagle pilot.     OBIT
     Nice BLOG about Joris

ROUNDS, AUSTIN -  Date? '08? - EAA106 Member and B-17 pilot during WWII

    & builder/pilot of arotorcraft 




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