Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England

Join EAA Chapter 106

THANKS for JOINING!  Your dues SUPPORT all our great programs, events, youth scholarship, museum aircraft events, insurance, tools for member use, etc!


Step 1) Join EAA -- If not already a member (a requirement of EAA to be a chapter member)
Step 2)  Fill out the EAA106 Membership Application
Step 3)  Pay EAA106 Dues (prorated and reduced rate your first calendar year - or partial year)
Step 4)  Send Us a Quick Email (so we can contact you if there's an issue with your application)

Step 1) Join EAA
If you are not already a member of EAA:   
EAA (our parent organization) requires that you must belong to EAA in order to belong to a chapter.The fastest way to get your EAA number for our chapter application is to call: 1-800-JOIN-EAA  Be sure to ASK the EAA membership rep to give you both your new EAA# and the expiration date.  If you were previously a member and need to rejoin, they may be able to look up your old EAA number.

Step 2)  Fill out the EAA106 Membership Application
Please fill out our chapter membership online application

Be sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom -- and be sure you receive a success message.

Some questions are REQUIRED (such as contact info, type membership, EAA # and expiration date, etc) -- Required questions are marked with an asterisk.

After the membership type question, all but one (payment method) are OPTIONAL (ie: aircraft interests, etc), but we hope you fill out the applicable ones, too. 

Step 3) Pay EAA106 Dues (prorated and reduced rate your first calendar year - or partial year)
NOTE:  Chapter DUES (our primary funding) are separate from EAA dues (STEP 1).  
NOTE:  Chapter membership runs Jan 1 thru Dec 31, so we prorate new member dues by quarter.
NOTE:  YOUTH membership (ages 8-19) is free, but requires you be a member of EAA 
    (which is also free to youth who have flown as a Young Eagle (ages 8-17)).  

Pay by credit card (via below PayPal link, but you do not need a PayPal account) - or check

*NEW MEMBER* DUES RATE (discounted & prorated for the balance of the 1st calendar year):
       REGULAR Membership (age 20+):     $5.00/remaining quarter    
                 EXAMPLE:      One adult joining in April would pay $15 ...    $5 x 3 quarters
       FAMILY (2+ same family):                   $6.00/remaining quarter
                EXAMPLE:      One family joining in April would pay $18 ...    $6 x 3 quarters

Three Payment Options:

  1. CREDIT CARD via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account - just a credit card ... 
                                            & we do not see your card #):
  2. Snail-Mail a CHECK:       Payable to:  EAA106 (annotate memo: 20__ DUES)
    Mail to us:                      EAA Chapter 106, PO Box 420, Topsfield, MA 01983
  3. Bring your payment to a meeting - OPTIONS:
    1. CHECK:            Payable to:  EAA106
    2. CASH:              Make sure someone writes your name down
    3. CREDIT CARD: We now accept credit card payments at meetings & events !

PAY DUES via credit card -- 1st time MEMBER DUES:
NOTE CORRECT DUES AMOUNT from STEP 3 before proceeding.

EAA Chapter 106 never sees your credit card info -- only your $ (after PayPal fee) are in our account. 

Membership TYPE (note: All must be or become EAA members)
Joining QUARTER (For correct RATE to pay, see ABOVE under PP)
Member NAME (or names)
Enter E-MAIL address

Step 4) Send Us a Quick Email (so we can contact you if there's an issue with the application)
To ensure that we know you've just joined, drop us an e-mail to: 

This is just in case the on-line application doesn't come through so we can contact you about it.

Former members wishing to REJOIN must go to RENEW page. 

Without dues and fundraising, we wouldn't be able to offer so many FREE events, seminars, workshops, and programs. 




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