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EAA Chapter 106 meetings are NOT always on a fixed day nor week in the month.

   TYPICALLY, in the WARMER months ...      MEETINGS & FLY-INs
           MEETINGS at our chapter hagar - at the Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM)
                             North Andover, MA.  Our hangar is on the NORTH side (not
                             main terminal side) behind a locked gate.  Meetings are open,
                             but require an escort through the gate.  Contact us for more info.
                             MEETINGS during this time are TYPICALLY the 1st SATURDAY
                             (but there are exceptions ... based on speaker availability)
          NORTHEAST RV-CANARD (& other homebuilts) FLY-IN w/ ~ 10-12 SEMINARS
                             is held in and around our chapter hagar. SEE ABOVE.
                             In 2012, this major event was held:  SATURDAY, JUNE 30
         HOW TO FIND OUR HANGAR (rear of Lawrence Airport):    

TYPICALLY, in the WARMER months ...        EVENTS, too
          EVENTS (other than the Fly-In) are usually held near the MAIN TERMINAL at the
                             Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM) - 492 Sutton St., N.Andover, MA

                             EVENTS INCLUDE:
                             YOUNG EAGLE FLIGHT EVENTS
                             NORTHEAST LSA EXPO
                             EAA AirVenture Museum's WWII B-17 "Flying Fortress" (tour stop)
                             EAA AirVenture Museum's 1929 Ford Tr-Motor (tour stop)

 TYPICALLY, in the COLDER months, we usually have ...
        MEETINGS at a classroom in the rear of the VA hospital complex - Bedford, MA
                             COLD month meetings are TYPICALLY (not always) the 1st FRIDAY
        PROJECT VISITS -- Often at someone's home - see an aircraft under construction.
                            COLD month project visits are TYPICALLY the 1st SATURDAY

                             TYPICALLY on a SATURDAY or SUNDAY

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