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Scholarship FAQ - $$$ - Value, Donate, & more

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What is the financial value of the 2013 EAA106 Youth Scholarship? Intrinsic?
Will it cost me (or my parents) anything if I win a scholarship?
How is this scholarship funded?
How may I donate to help fund this scholarship?
How did this scholarship get started?

VALUE ($$$)

What is the financial value of the 2013 EAA106 Youth Scholarship? TOP

The VALUE in MONEY terms:

Full (100%) AVIATION CAMP TUITION ($1,210) 
  (which covers the instruction, workshops, lodging, meals, snacks, and aircraft flights)
during the one-week aviation camp ...)
PLUS:       FULL (100%) AIRFARE (est $500-$600) for a flight from a major airport 
in NEW ENGLAND to Appleton, WI and ground transportation (by EAA) to the camp.
EAA Chapter 106 will work with the winner & their parents to select a reasonable flight.
NOTE:  No money will be awarded.  Tuition & airline will be paid directly by EAA Chapter 106.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which many adults would love to do, but it's
  limited to youth ages 16-18.  You'll learn about the fundamentals of flight, aircraft
  systems, weather, construction (with hands-on workshops), and so much more
compressed into 8 days, including airshows, museum tours, and a couple of flights
(in an airplane and a helicopter).

MONEY?   Will it cost me (or my parents) anything?

 Will it cost me anything if I win a scholarship?      TOP

NOTHING  --  EAA106 will pay 100% of the Air Academy TUITION   ($1,210 in 2013)
The tuition covers the entire aviation camp experience and includes
classes, workshops, 2 flights (1 each in an airplane & a helicopter),
lodging, meals, and snacks. 
NOTHING  --   EAA106 will book and pay the AIRFARE     (est $400-600 flight)
EAA106 will work with you & your parents to select a flight which has
both a reasonable schedule and price - then EAA106 will book and pay
for the flight including all taxes -- AND any fee for ONE BAG.
REMINDER:   IF you are selected as the winner, DO NOT book any flight.
We will NOT pay for any flight we have not arranged & paid directly.

SPENDING $$$ -- The camper should bring some money to be able to buy
        a souvenir at the EAA AirVenture Museum's gift shop.



How is this scholarship funded? TOP
The majority of the funding of our annual youth scholarship is through
direct scholarship DONATIONS and FUNDRAISING (such as at events).
Some donations were as small as $5 ... and as large as over $1,000
from several members of o
ne family and $650 from one person. 

DONATE -- Help us send even more youth to camp!

MORE DONATIONS means we can send even more youth to camp! TOP

It costs us about $1,800 per scholarship for the combined tuition, airfare, & one bag fee.

As of Dec 15, 2012, we have raised enough to send one youth to the camp and are partway to a second scholarship.  We would like to raise the b
alance of $1,071 and ask any adults reading this to consider making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION by going to our DONATION PAGE at this link:


To see our FUNDRAISING STATUS in graphic form, CLICK HERE    


How did this scholarship get started? TOP

One of our enthusiastic members, Michael Putterman, first proposed that we create a
scholarship to inspire youth with a demonstrated passion in aviation to study and
  learn even more about aviation by sending them, all expenses paid, to the 8-day
  EAA Advanced Air Academy aviation camp in Oshkosh WI.

  Michael then approached his family and raised over $1,000 for our first youth
scholarship which we awarded in 2012.  Our 2012 winner, Kirk Choquette, found
  this wonderful experience to be far beyond his expectations!  
  CLICK HERE to READ MORE about Kirk and the other applicants

  For 2013, Michael has raised another ~$1,000 from several family members
  and we're very grateful to them as well as all our other scholarship donors.

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