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EAA106 Scholarship - FAQ - The DETAILS

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INCLUDES? What in included in the 2013 EAA106 Youth Scholarship?  What's not included?
DATE Why is the date of the scholarship limited to July 23-31, 2013?
HOW MANY? How many EAA106 scholarships are available?  Any besides EAA106?
Why is the date of the scholarship limited to July 23-31, 2013?
Which airports will be considered for the departure flight?
Will it cost me (or my parents) anything if I win a scholarship?
What are the deadlines – and why so far in advance of the camp?
How does EAA Chapter 106 select the winner(s)?
How & when will I learn whether I have won a 2013 EAA Youth Scholarship?
Other scholarships?
What other scholarships might be available besides EAA106's scholarship?


INCLUDES?  What's included, what's not?

What in included in the 2013 EAA106 Youth Scholarship?       TOP

Full (100%) AVIATION CAMP TUITION ($1,210) 
(which covers the instruction, workshops, lodging, meals, snacks, and aircraft flights) during the one-week aviation camp ...

AND...   AIRFARE (est $500-600) for a reasonable schedule flight from a major airport 
  in NEW ENGLAND to Appleton, WI and ground transportation (by EAA) to the camp.

NOTE:  No money will be awarded.  
  Tuition & airline tickets will be paid directly by EAA Chapter 106.
REMINDER:   IF you are selected as the winner, DO NOT book any flight.
  We will NOT pay for any flight we have not arranged & paid directly.

What's not included?
Ground transportation to/from the agreed major New England airport.
Parents are responsible for driving - or the cost if making other arrangements.
It is suggested that the camper bring some money to buy souvenirs.

DATE - Why only JULY 23-31, 2013?

Why is the date of the scholarship limited to July 23-31, 2013?     TOP
In order to guarantee a scholarship can be awarded, we had to make the camp
reservation in late 2012 - with the name, address, & sex of the camper left blank.

We believe the first of the two Advanced Air Academy sessions will be the most interesting
since this camp session overlaps EAA's AirVenture, The World's Greatest Aviation
Celebration on the front end by three days.  There will be many more aircraft flying into
AirVenture before the official AirVenture's week (July 29 - Aug 4) than on the back end
(most aircraft leave by Aug 4).  You'll see many more aircraft flying during Session #1.

HOW MANY EAA106 scholarships are available?

How many EAA106 scholarships are available?       TOP
Presently, we have funding to send ONE youth to the 2013 EAA Advanced Air Academy.
However, we are still raising funds and hope to be able to send TWO youth
if we have the funds AND two extremely worthy applicants.

IF you are an ADULT reading this and would like to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE* DONATION
If we don't raise enough to send a 2nd youth in 2013 - or don't have a superior 2nd
candidate in 2013, all money in the fund will be used for the following year's youth scholarship.
*  EAA Chapter 106 is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) educational public charity.
All donations are tax-deductible if you itemize (ask your CPA) and we provide a receipt.

AIRPORTS --   Options for departure

Which airports will be considered for the departure flight?     TOP
To keep within our scholarship budget, we need to arrange a flight schedule which originates at one of the following major New England airports which have reasonable prices.  Smaller or further airports drive the cost up beyond our budget.  
We will work with the parents and winner to pick a set of flights (a connection is required) which have a reasonable schedule for arriving or departing within EAA's window for pick-up/drop-off at the Appleton airport.
REMINDER:   EAA106 will book and pay for the agreed flight.
IF you are selected as the winner, DO NOT book any flight.
  We will NOT pay for any flight we have not arranged and paid directly.

The airport departure locations our scholarship will cover:
State: Airport Code: Airport Name:                                    
  MA BOS Boston Logan International Airport
  NH MHT Manchester Airport
  RI PVD T F Green International Airport
  CT BLD Bradley International Airport
  ME PWM Portland International Airport

DEADLINES - and why so soon

What are the deadlines for the 2013 EAA Chapter 106 Youth Scholarship? TOP
All of the following dates are in 2013:
JAN 31 ON-LINE APPLICATION - submitted w/ all answers, except last question.
FEB  5
SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION - E-mailed or SnailMail postmarked  (letter of recommendation, parent's consent form, grades, etc)
FEB 28
MAR  1 EAA106 notified of winner's info (name, address, sex)
MAR 31 Winner MUST complete the EAA on-line application BY MAR 31!
Many of the answers to the EAA106 application can be used for this form.
ASAP after the 
EAA AIR ACADEMY-required paperwork (incl medical) package is rcv'd. The Air Academy will mail a package of forms and information during
  April.  The forms are to be sent back to EAA (not EAA Chapter 106).
NOTE: EAA106 will NOT book the flight until the EAA Air Academy has confirmed
that they have received and are satisfied with the submitted paperwork.

Why are the deadlines so far in advance of the July 2013 camp?
We wish we could give everyone more time (our selection committee, too), but
the EAA Air Academy REQUIRES that we provide them with the name & sex of our
winner by March 1 so they can start planning the LODGING arrangements
  (most are bunkrooms holding four youth of the same sex).  Our EAA106 Youth
Scholarship Committee are all volunteers, some with full-time jobs, so they need
the month of February to carefully read and score the applications, letters, & grades.


CRITERIA -- How does EAA Chapter 106 select the winner(s)? TOP
EAA106 Youth Scholarship Committee will be carefully reviewing
  and "scoring" the applications based on the following criteria:

GPA - reasonably good grades? 10%
Letter of Recommendation (from an adult who is not a family member): 10%
Essay question 1 - How & when became interested in aviation 10%
Essay question 2 - Aviation experiences, education, training so far 10%
Essay question 3 - Future aviation experience or aviation career goals 15%
Essay question 4 - Top academic achievements +/or extracurricular 15%
Essay question 5 - WHY do you want to attend? Why should we pick you? 30%
Each of the above seven criteria will be scored on a scale of 1-5,
     1 = poor, 2 = marginal, 3 = ok, 4 = good, 5 = outstanding
then an overall weighted score will be calculated for each criteria,
  then summed for the applicant -- to be compared and used for
ranking all the applicants. 

BONUS POINTS (MAX 10% adder) -- For OPTIONAL items TOP
Just like doing an "extra" book report at school MAY earn you a few extra points
  at school, you  MAY  earn some bonus points for the merit of any OPTIONAL ITEMS
-- such as a resume, a general essay, aviation sketches, etc.
  The optional items will be considered as a group (submitting more will not get you
  more points -- we will consider the quality/merit of the combined submission and
  award a single score of up to 5 points which could mean UP TO a 10% adder.
ie:  Same 1-5 scale applies to the optional "package", then 10% weight applied.

NOTIFICATION? - How/when will I learn if I'm a winner?

How & when will I learn whether or not I have won a 2013 EAA Youth Scholarship?    TOP
IF you are a WINNER of our EAA106 Youth Scholarship to the EAA Advanced Air Academy, we will both CALL & E-MAIL ... BOTH you and your parents.  We will be asking for a "yes"
confirmation that you & your parents agree to take the NEXT STEPS (below).  We need this confirmation in order for us to meet our required notification to EAA by their deadline.
(We're required to give the camp the name, address, & sex of the winner(s) by MAR 1.)
IF you are NOT the winner to this year's EAA106 Youth Scholarship, we will notify you and your parents on the weekend of MAR 2/3.   We regret that we only can send one (possibly two) youth to this amazing aviation camp experience.  We hope that you will continue to pursue your aviation dreams and if you will still be 16-18 in July 2014, perhaps you may wish to apply to our scholarship in Dec 2013/Jan 2014.

OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS -  What else is available?

What other scholarships might be available besides EAA106's scholarship? TOP
CLICK HERE  for the EAA Air Academy Scholarships
      The are many scholarships available.  Read each to see what
  they may offer, who may apply, and what restrictions there might be.

CLICK HERE for the 
EAA Post High School Scholarships
  Several available -- check them out.

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