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EAA106 Scholarship - FAQ - WINNER(s) - and if not

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HOW & WHEN will I learn whether I have won a 2013 EAA Youth Scholarship?


STEP 1 - EAA106 EAA's Air Academy is notified
EAA's Application -- DUE MARCH 31 !
Winner & their parents fill out the packet of forms (will be sent by EAA)
STEP 4 - EAA106
Once EAA confirms your paperwork, EAA106 pays balance of tuition
We work together to pick a flight -- then EAA106 books & pays the airline
Attend the camp & Enjoy !
As a thank you to the chapter - and to encourage other youth,
  we HOPE you will share your camp experience in a few ways

Not 16-18?
What EAA Air Academy options are there for other age groups? How do I apply?
What other scholarships might be available besides EAA106's scholarship?

NOTIFICATION? - How/when will I learn if I'm a winner?

How & when will I learn whether or not I have won a 2013 EAA Youth Scholarship?    TOP
IF you are a WINNER of our EAA106 Youth Scholarship to the EAA Advanced Air Academy, we will both CALL & E-MAIL ... BOTH you and your parents.  We will be asking for a "yes"
confirmation that you & your parents agree to take the NEXT STEPS (below).  We need this confirmation in order for us to meet our required notification to EAA by their deadline.
(We're required to give the camp the name, address, & sex of the winner(s) by MAR 1.)
IF you are NOT the winner to this year's EAA106 Youth Scholarship, we will notify you and your parents on the weekend of MAR 2/3.   We regret that we only can send one (possibly two) youth to this amazing aviation camp experience.  We hope that you will continue to pursue your aviation dreams and if you will still be 16-18 in July 2014, perhaps you may wish to apply to our scholarship in Dec 2013/Jan 2014.

CLICK HERE to learn about OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS (non-eaa106)
CLICK HERE to learn about OTHER AIR ACADEMY OPTIONS (ages 12-19)

STEP 1 - EAA106 -- notify EAA of winner(s)

EAA's Air Academy is notified BY MARCH 1 - info about our winner(s) TOP
As soon as we select our WINNER(s) on THUR, FEB 28, we will notify the WINNER(s)
and their parents to confirm that everything is still a "go" (yes) and that the winner(s)
  and parents will be filling out all the subsequent required (by EAA) paperwork.
EAA will then notify the EAA Air Academy on FRI, MAR 1 who our winner(s) is/are.

STEP 2 - WINNER -- Fill in EAA's camp application

EAA's Application -- DUE MARCH 31 ! TOP
Even though you've filled out the 2013 EAA106 application (which is used by the EAA106 Youth Scholarship Selection Committee to select our winner(s)), the EAA Air Academy requires that you fill our their application, too, once you've been selected by us.
A lot of the information will be the same (contact info, etc) and your essays (E1-E5) on our EAA106 scholarship application will be easy to copy/paste for most of their essay info.

EAA Advanced Air Academy - Ages 16 - 18

   Session #1 - July 23-31, 2013      CLICK HERE for WHY
EAA Chapter 106
For the CREDIT CARD section, here's how to handle that:
          1) Just to dummy up the form, pick ANY card type
2) For card number, enter this text:  PAID IN FULL BY EAA106
Just to dummy up the form, pick ANY month and ANY year

Please let us know when you have submitted this on-line application.
Send us an e-mail to:   

STEP 3- WINNER -- Fill in EAA's camp form packet

Winner & their parents fill out the packet of forms (will be sent by EAA) TOP
After you have been accepted, you will receive a package containing
your acceptance letter and additional forms to complete.  One of these
forms is a physical exam form which needs to be signed by a doctor,
dated within 24 months of the start camp date (July 23, 2013).  You will
also need to complete the first three pages of the form.  For the fourth
page, you may substitute a photocopy of a sports or school or other
physical form as long as it is dated in the 24 months prior to the camp.                                  

While the Air Academy allows you to return the paperwork no later than early June,
we (EAA106) ask that you complete and send back (to EAA) this paperwork ASAP.

    REASON:    EAA106 will NOT book the flight until the EAA Air Academy has confirmed
that they have received and are satisfied with the submitted paperwork.
This is a VERY popular destination (hundreds of thousands of people
attend EAA's AirVenture, The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
  and flights go fast the closer we get to May/June, so don't delay.

STEP 4 - EAA106 -- Pay balance of winner's camp tuition

Once EAA confirms your paperwork is OK, EAA106 pays the balance of your tuition    TOP
EAA Chapter 106 has already made a deposit to hold two* slots in SESSION #1
of the ADVANCED (age 16-18) Air Academy.  We will pay the balance of the tuition
($1,210) once we receive confirmation from EAA that your paperwork is all set.
While we have reserved TWO slots at the July 23-31 Advanced Air Academy camp, EAA Chapter 106 reserves the right to either not award a second scholarship (if we either have not raised enough additional funding OR a second superior candidate is not selected by the committee) or to not award any scholarship if the EAA106 Youth Scholarship Selection Committee does not believe they have found any truly worthy scholarship winners. 

STEP 5 - BOTH Winner & EAA106 -- Select flights

We will work together to pick a flight -- then EAA106 books & pays the airline TOP
Once we have completed STEP 4, we will work together to look at some flight options.
We'll 1st look for flights which originate at the airport option (SEE THIS LINK) nearest to
you, then narro the list of options which meat the "from-to" timeframe window for when
the camp expects you to arrive - and depart.  We'll next look at what might be the best compromise between schedule vs price, while ensuring adequate time for switching
planes between legs one and two of each flight. 

STEP 6 - WINNER -- Enjoy the camp experience!

Attend the camp & Enjoy !  This a very rare opportunity/experience TOP
There are only two ADVANCED camps per year with 48 youth per camp.
That works out to an average of approximately 2 youth per state,
  so you're in for an AMAZING experience !!   Learn something new
  and enjoy exploring many aspects of aviation !!

STEP 7 - WINNER -- AFTER the camp experience!

As a thank you to the chapter - and to encourage other youth ... TOP
we HOPE you will share your camp experience in a few ways ...

We hope you will be willing to be interviewed (about 15 minutes)
  for our new "community TV" show "All About Aviation"
in order to
inspire other youth to become more interested in aviation and
  to help them hear - from a fellow youth's perspective -- about this
  amazing aviation camp experience!

  We hope you might also be willing to come speak to our chapter
  about your camp experience.  We have many members who have
  donated a lot of money and it would be a nice way to thank them
  if it's possible to work out a time and it's not too far.

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END of information for the WINNER -- BELOW is info for those outside our scholarship's
age group and additional scholarships which may be available directly through EAA
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