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The Ford Tri-Motor HISTORY

Here is a press release and other information about the history of the Ford Tri-Motor.

EAA Chapter 106 is honored to be hosting a tour stop of the AirZoo's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor which is on a National tour, stopping for FOUR DAYS ONLY at the Lawrence Municipal Airport.
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Want to learn even MORE HISTORY about the Tri-Motors? Sign up for the BBQ on Saturday evening where the AirVenture Museum's volunteer pilots will be giving a presentation about the History of the Tri-Motor!

PRESS RELEASE by the EAA AirVenture Museum:    

MORE Tri-Motor information by EAA Chapter 106:      

A few excerpts:

Many airlines we know of were started because of the Tri-Motor,
         including Eastern (flew from Boston), TWA, & more.

Did you know that TWA started out meaning "Transcontinental and Western Air",
         not "Trans World Airways"?

On a Tri-Motor & train plan laid out and overseen by Charles Lindbergh,
        this was the first time people could travel coast-to-coast in only 48 hours!

         Here is a 3-part newsreel from that time about this new service:
         Part 1 - 
         Part 2 -  
         Part 3 -  

   Here's a couple of photos at the Boston Public Library of Tri-Motors in Boston:
1 - Amelia Earhart arrives at East Boston Airport in a Ford Tri-Motor  (probably 1929 Air Tour)
        btw – read “Promoting Aviation” at 
2 - Ford's all metal plane lands at East Boston Airport:
3 - New England and Western Air "New" Ford Tri-Motor:  
   4 - Henry Ford's metal plane lands at East Boston Airport

Do YOU know someone who was a pilot, maintenance crew, stewardess, or passenger on a Tri-Motor when these were flown by the airlines in the 20's and 30's ?  If so, please have them contact us at:   EAA106.TriMotor  <AT>   --  We'd like to meet them - and perhaps have the media meet them, too. 

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