Chapter 106

Greater Boston: JOIN ~200 members in New England

Learn more about EAA106 -- WHAT WE DO

Ø   Aircraft Construction Workshops (many free)

Ø   Aviation Safety Seminars (most free) - some for FAA WINGS credit !

Ø   Young Eagles (free flights for youth ages 8-17)

Ø   Youth Scholarship to EAA Air Academy (camp), including airfare

Ø   Host Museum Aircraft (host EAA’s B-17 & Tri-Motor)

Ø   Host of Major Events in NorthEast: 

      o  FREE:  NorthEast RV-Canard Fly-In -- homebuilt aircraft and ~ a dozen free seminars

      o  FREE:  NorthEast LSA EXPO

Ø   Monthly "DAWN PATROL" -- A FLY-TO or DRIVE-TO aviation destination.

Ø   Annual BBQ w/ WWII aviation speaker;  Cookouts at meetings/events, & "Hangar Flying".

***NEW*** --  30-minute community TV Show:  "ALL ABOUT AVIATION"  -- OUR LATEST PROJECT is to reach out & inspire the public who may not otherwise visit their airport ... to convey some of our passion and excite them about aviation, then encourage them to make the effort to visit their local airport and learn more about the wonderful world of aviation!   FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THIS MONTHLY TV SHOW   ---   SEE LINK ON LEFT.

For more information on our chapter, please contact our president via the initial contact information provided in the sidebar.  Please include EAA106 as part of a meaningful subject line of e-mails.

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